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Welcome to Dave Owen Basketball

Our focus is the players. Our core purpose is to provide a platform to recognise and showcase British talent. We hope to make our players feel valued and let them know that their achievements will be recognised.

Our Features

Firstly, the player database is the focal point of Dave Owen Basketball. It provides full player profiles, including stats and highlights, for all national team, overseas, college, BBL and NBL D1 players as well as the top rated junior players. The database initially displays all players and can be filtered by any criteria you may have such as stats, league, position, age to produce an instant shortlist, which you can then save for future use and share with others. The stats are currently updated 3-4 times per season, as regular updates would require full time funding.

Secondly, on the news page we share all coverage from around the country as well as posting our own #BritWatch coverage. Whether you want to follow the national teams, domestic leagues or players that have left the UK you can see all the latest videos, stats coverage and signings in one place.

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The future of our website is in your hands. To continue running the website we need a minimum of 100 Supporters by 31st May 2019. We currently have 14 Supporters, who are all recognised on our Supporters page. If we don’t reach our target we will be forced to close down the website, please click here to support us.