Future Stars

Welcome to Dave Owen Basketball

My player database brings together all information and statistics about British Basketball into one versatile database to…

– raise the overall profile of British Basketball and make it more visible

– provide a platform giving current players the exposure to attract more opportunities to progress

– provide a platform recognising and celebrating the careers of notable former players

– provide previously unavailable information for players, coaches, clubs and content creators

– present information in a way that is accessible and engaging to those new to the sport

The player profiles provide career histories, stats and highlights for our current national team, overseas pro, US college, BBL/WBBL and NBL/WNBL D1 players, as well as the top rated junior players. The database initially displays all players and can be filtered and sorted by any criteria you may have such as stats, league, position or age to produce an instant shortlist, which you can then save for future use and share with others. The domestic stats are currently updated weekly, with overseas pro/US college stats updated 3-4 times per season. Many of the great players from the past are already profiled, and eventually every notable player in the history of British Basketball will be added to recognise and celebrate their career.

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