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Alan Keane supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because the world of information he generates about players is extremely valuable. To have an up to date platform to review player's performances and details continues to help in the different domains I work in within basketball."

Alan Keane (NBL/GB Coach)
Tony Garbelotto supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because he has established himself as one of the foremost experts for basketball information in this country. His attention to detail and willingness to push new boundaries is the type of person we need in British Basketball."

Tony Garbelotto (Former GB and BBL Coach)
Darren Paul supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because Dave's stats work is exemplary and has been a key part of game prep since before I started commentating pro British Basketball. The work Dave puts into compiling data and information on British players, prospects and teams is vital for the promotion of the game in our country."

Darren Paul (Commentator and Podcast Host)
Cedi Frederick supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because I value objective, accurate performance information and data about our game and players. Dave Owen Basketball provides a unique service that should be supported by everyone who has any kind of involvement or interest in the game."

Cedi Frederick (Former player and coach)
Chris Hughes supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball as he offers a comprehensive and reliable collection of statistics. When I am writing a feature Dave Owens Basketball is the first place I go to for reliable seasonal stats and historical stats. What he offers really helps every single piece of all my written and commentating work. In my opinion his collection of statistics promotes the players and franchises just as well as, if not better than, any other content currently in British Basketball. I really recommend you help support him in any way you can as it is an invaluable service for clubs, marketers, players, coaches, scouts and fans of the game."

Chris Hughes (Co-Creator of Rebound Basketball Blog)
Delme Herriman supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because I think this site is outstanding for all players to keep up with their stats. Especially for young players who have the relevant forum/stats/video that college recruiters are looking for."

Delme Herriman (Coach and former player)
The Duke of Hoops supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because it's vital to provide accurate and up-to-date statistics on UK hoopers to help grow the sport. We reference Dave Owen Basketball for all the content we produce around UK Hoops at High Tea Hoops."

The Duke of Hoops (Co-Founder at High Tea Hoops)
Nat Coombs supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because it's a brilliant resource that’s invaluable in helping me research and prep my BBL work."

Nat Coombs (Sports Broadcaster)
Adam Snoad supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen basketball because British Basketball needs people like Dave for it to develop and thrive. No one is more dedicated to the cause than him. His dedication to develop our players across the country and give them a platform for recognition is invaluable."

Adam Snoad (Club Player)
Sam Fitzpatrick supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because of how accessible it has made British players to potential recruiters and teams. It is providing a bigger platform for British players to succeed and excel within basketball."

Sam Fitzpatrick (Coach)
Len Busch supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because by providing a one stop site for stats on players in the British game, Dave Owen Basketball is helping to lift the profile of players, both male and female."

Len Busch (WBBL Coach)
Tahir Hajat supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because the work he is doing is actively helping to improve and support the British Basketball Community on a National and International Level!"

Tahir Hajat (Announcer/Coach/Commentator)
Dave Little supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because all his hard work is essential for any youngster that has ambition to develop their basketball to a higher level. His statistics are the perfect showcase to highlight emerging talent. Please support."

Dave Little (Retired Coach/Referee, Esther Little's Grandparent)
Ashley Hamilton supporter pic

"I support Dave Owen Basketball because I believe in his work, and even more so in Dave himself."

Ashley Hamilton (Pro Player and GB International)


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